Sunday, May 30, 2010

Keith Michael Johnson's Soap Bubble Shows!

Keith Michael Johnson's Soap Bubble Shows!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

 Just for today, I wish everyone was loved.
 Just for today, I will not complain.
 Just for today, I am peace.
 Just for today, I forgive.
 So that tomorrow, today will become a habit.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

  Jim lives across the street. He's married to Pam. They have one grown son and a small dog that doesn't shed. The color of their house is the color I wish my house was painted. This morning, Jim walked to  his car wearing a daring red shirt, freshly ironed no doubt. I watched him get a big pink package and carry it into the house. How sweet, "Mother's day", I thought to myself. Inside my house was the father of my children who greeted me with a lovely, "woah am I sweaty! It looks cold outside," and that is why I absolutely hate holidays that require a gift.
 In Catholic school, after our Christmas holiday was over, I remember the class having to take turns and tell the rest of us what we got for Christmas. There were the braggers, the overly indulged and then there was my friend Nancy. She had eighteen in her family and she would say, "I got a bracelet." That was it. She wouldn't look anyone in the eye and it left me sick for days after. Gift giving holidays, bahumbug!
  Today, I'm sure many moms had breakfast in bed. Some opened boxes with jewelry, others were showered with spring flowers and still some cried because their children didn't call. It isn't really about the gift but more about wanting to know if we matter. Did we make you happy? Are you a better person because of us? (can be taken both ways!) and if we are better because the mother wasn't so good, thank them for giving you the chance to improve the next generation. When people are acknowledged, there is a peace that comes into the heart. Everyone makes mistakes, everyone. It has been said that when a child is born, so is its mother. She is forever changed. Thank all of the women in your life, they put the yin into your yang!
 (thank you Paul for having breakfast with me, being the first to call. thank you Hannah for giving the sweetest hug. thank you Charlie and Aaron for making me laugh and coming over to visit fifteen minutes after I texted you to do so. thank you son-in-law Matt who wrote it in words and lastly, thank you married daughter Julie. Your hug and knowing eyes say we are comrades!

   Happy Mother's Day to all moms and women who nurture others.