Saturday, May 26, 2012

Memorial Day Thought

   Who's gonna bury you when you die? Will you be the reason there's a little red in someone's eye?
Yea, who's gonna bury you when you die? I won't know and I won't care cause I'll be floating somewhere way up there. ~

   People spying today in the art store parking lot while I sat in the hot car waiting for a friend, I couldn't help but notice you getting into your silver van. The bunches of plastic flowers you carried were probably for someone special who died long ago. The lady next to you had plastic flowers too and I bet there was a sale going on for Memorial day. Who takes care of the flowers later? I really don't know, do they last until next year when you'll buy fresh ones? The American flags are already flying in the wind, three days earlier than last year and I'm sad wondering if my friend Brandon is safe in Iraq. The flapping flags don't make it easier on this thought in a hot car on a day when I should be home showering for the baby shower I'll be attending soon. Wonder who will come to my funeral? It's easier to think about mine than the ones I love, and will they put plastic flowers in the dirt for me? Please don't, blow bubbles instead, they look so pretty in the wind.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

New Mailman

"You cannot heal the fear of another and no one can heal yours, but you can inspire others with your emotional awareness, responsible choices, intuition and trust in the Universe." ~Gary Zukav~

  The new mailman isn't as friendly as the old one. He walks too fast and acted like he was scared to death of me. I was holding sharp cutters but politely put them down when I acknowledged him. "Hi! Nice to meet you, are you having a good day?" I asked to which he answered, "yes" and walked faster. Gee, what a rude man I thought to myself. I could hear part of a news radio show he was listening to with his headsets and chalked it up to the possibility that he was one of those guys who stored dried beans in his basement next to the guns for the day when the world would end. Eh, good riddance, I thought. That's when Bill came out of the house. "Is he gone yet?" he asked me. "Man, I almost killed him the other day!" "What!" I yelled. "Shh, there he is across the street." Bill continued. "It was an accident but I swear he thinks I did it on purpose. I was in the car and right when he walked in front of it, my foot slipped and I slammed on the breaks. I was so scared I accidentally blasted the horn and no kidding, I bet I missed hitting him by two inches!" "Did you at least apologize?" I asked. "no, he practically ran away!"
  Well great, now the mailman is wishing he worked for UPS! In time he'll warm up and we'll have chats like the old mailman but until then, I'm laying low.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Cafe Trio

it was a most eccentric evening yet I wished the piano man hadn't played so loud
the red roses complimented the white suit on Susan
who's sly smile lingered on the woman who spoke
of her love of Chinese art and lack of artistic ability
but loved her martini and wine...I envied her way with words
how they faded in and out between Zig's story of life
in Germany, crooked police in Kansas in the 70's and
how he paints goddesses with nudity for his own self expression
the table was divided and I was exactly in its middle
between the educated and the educated but comfortable
left side comfortable, hard of hearing with a flannel soft personality
who wanted to be a serious actor but taught school instead
sat across his wife a retired corporate woman who was ready
to sculpt, paint and live a healthier lifestyle
was my daughter glad she came? her laughter reassured my doubt
as she shared phone numbers to the ones who would call for
energy sessions while I read the lines on Zig's hands with the
plastic swizzle stick to point out mystic crosses, 2 divorces
and an over active imagination with a serious mark that told of
his mother accidentally delivering him on the floor.
at this point, I wished the piano man would come back from break
anything to drown out Zig's loud silence.
we put our cash in personal black books and thanked each other
for the company.
 "Mom, we have all the ingredients at home to have made this same
meal." Hannah whispered. But it was a good salad surrounded by
red and yellow beets with cucumber and goat cheese. At home the
chilled melon soup would have been called a smoothie and where
would we have found the spice that we had tonight? Eccentrics...
the spice of life!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Cafe Gratitude in Kansas City

"Did you ever read about a frog who dreamed of bein' a king and then became one?"
                "I am", I cried  "I am" said I.  ~Neil Diamond~ 
    The joy of seeing someone's dream come true piece by  piece is a good feeling. From the first meetup where we played a game of handing our cash donations to each other to create a flow of abundance to the last carefully laid tile on the restaurant's wall. Many baby steps and big steps were made before becoming Cafe Gratitude in Kansas City, the new restaurant located at 333 Southwest Boulevard in Kansas City, Missouri. Owners Mike and Natalie George have done a wonderful job of including the community into their vision and offering customers healthy vegan and vegetarian meals. How many restaurants throw a pre opening party for their patrons with live music, wine and food samples? The place was packed inside and out, people hugging and saying hello like old friends. Matthew Engelhart, the California based Cafe Gratitude owner came to celebrate with the MakePeace band who toured with Jason Mraz.( Jason had promised to sing at the party but that was before his pre-fame status)
  Visiting Cafe Gratitude I was greeted with happy smiles and asked the question of the day, "What is your life for?" The waitress left me to think of an answer while she returned with water and a menu where everything is prefixed with the words I Am. So many choices. I Am Humble, I Am Transformed, but I decided to try I Am Nourished, a live sandwich with almond pate, seasonal vegetables, avocado and mustard sauce on live curry bread with a side salad. The bread looked like a giant cracker but was soft and flavorful. My friends and I shared the turtle cheesecake made with raw cashews, simply delicious on a plate with the words "what are you grateful for?" Our waitress returned to refill our glasses and asked if we were ready to answer the question of the day. "What is your life for?" At the same moment, I overheard the people next to our table say it was their son's eighteenth birthday. We broke out in song and sang happy birthday to him and by then I had an answer for the question of the day. Life is to be more love! Spread the word, there's a new restaurant in town and they're spreading the love. I Am... going again!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Message to The College Girl

A wake up call in the middle of the night when I'm dead asleep told me to write a blog post for the college girl who will accidentally stumble across my words. The information was fast and didn't come out of my imagination because the message was pure and profound. No, that's nuts I thought, to wake up at 3:30 a.m. and write to a stranger so I ignored spirit and thought it would go away in the morning. It didn't. Three days have passed, the message is blurry...I don't even know if there will be a second chance, but here it is...
  your soul has made an ultimate sacrifice. the birthing of a baby. this is a special child who will bless
many but you will lose yourself for the time. there will be a time for you again everything is as it should be. don't be afraid, you pre-planned it all. smile, you will be fine.