Thursday, September 24, 2015

My Sister's Phone Call

Sister calls me late when things are funny
we've worked hard, dealt with issues and we laugh
at everything that won't make sense to others
because we're strong and made of salty earth
raised by heart committed  parents, tinged in shades of blue
coated with Catholic beliefs that tightly grip our new thoughts
So we laugh at being closet red necks,  teaching her children
how to be a good Jew because their father is a Jewish man
but her son hates the fellowship and has no interest in Israel
and we laugh again about the price of trees in that country that cost
ten grand and he'll be the coolest kid on college campus
if one is purchased but she won't listen to my words of comfort
reminding her that religion is man made and God is Love
God is also laughter and sister, you've made my day
yes, I'll jump on a plane and see you as soon as work is clear
because it'll be October and that's our birthday month
I eat two stale marshmallows and say my good byes over
I love you, no I love you more and cry because
she lives so far but our laughter echoes into my head
and gently rocks me into peace.