Saturday, February 20, 2010

Correction! Par Three!

I LOVE golf! It gets the men out of my house for six hours every Saturday during spring, summer and fall  which allows me time alone to do art. So, when I write "par nine" they're going to laugh. They're going to tell me I don't know the "lingo". With my previous post about Tiger Woods, I was corrected. A par three course is the easy one many women play. My boys play 36 holes, so I actually thought a par nine was the easy way. My apologies to the golfers.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Tiger's Big Bogey

 "Shhh shhh shhh!" Tiger's going to talk. Did you see his fake crying? How about his sincerity? Well if you ask me, he had it coming and is done with golf. These are some of the comments I overheard today after Tiger Woods officially apologized to the media for having extramarital affairs. Everyone is hammering him. Is it true the bigger the sin, the bigger the stone? If we put enough secrets into a box, won't the box eventually bulge and burst open from the pressure? I really don't know why everyone is surprised that something had to give. Poor Tiger, yes, I say poor because it's obvious his ego was out of control. Poor Mrs. Woods and all the other women who were involved. The good news is that they made a mistake! Matthew and Terces Engelhart, owners of Cafe Gratitude in San Francisco ( say that when a waiter drops a plate full of dishes, they are to shout out, "I made a mistake!" then the crew is to clap and cheer for the acknowledgement of the accident. They also teach not to leave people "fractured" and broke. We need to ask ourselves the simple question, "how can I provide more love from this situation?" for change to occur.
 When we become "unplugged" from Truth and wired into ego, it's a Duck Hook into the lake. We get labeled as Hackers and before we know it, our tee times are cancelled with friends. Personally, I'm going to light a candle for Tiger and clap my hands for him admitting his mistake. This life isn't always an easy nine par, sometimes there are sand traps and shanks, but if we address the ball and assume our stance, we often get a hole in one! Thank God we all get a mulligan! (do-over)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Becoming Juliet/Happy Valentine's Day

               " My crown is in my heart, not on my head;
                 Not decked with diamonds and Indian stones,
                 Nor to be seen. My crown is called content:
                 A crown it is that seldom kings enjoy."
                                                 ~William Shakespeare~

     The famed Erma Bombeck once wrote about how her husband didn't take her bowling, didn't eat fancy foods, didn't do this or that and I laughed and rooted with her until she ended the column with how he went to work every day, how he mowed the huge yard, how he loved his children and that was the beginning of my transformation. Moral of the story for me was to stop complaining. Stop sharing problems with my friends and love my life. We have been exchanging Valentine's for thirty three years now. When it comes to love, you absolutely must put on the rose colored glasses! Happy Valentine's Day!

Monday, February 1, 2010

In Memory of Spencer Meyer

He was the first dance, the first heart break and the reason my daughter started wearing make-up. He was her everything but he was in love with Rachel. I used to watch him walk home from school, blond and scrawny, wondering what she saw in him, but mostly wondered what he didn't see in my daughter.Love truly is in the eye of the beholder so I listened patiently to her heart woes in between dinner and homework. Just like a tornado that comes and goes, he took his charisma to another school and another state.
  Tonight I found his picture in the newspaper and we are mourning the sudden passing of his short life.
The typed words do not explain his death. I didn't recognize his twenty one year old face, only the twinkle in his smile and I clearly see what my daughter saw in him. Many tears were cried for you Spencer Meyer and many lessons learned, thankyou. Happy Heaven!