Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Lost in Translation

uri-i-nal (yer-en-el) n. and v. a declaration concerning the current status or location of the person being spoken to. "If you think urinal lot of trouble now, just wait till Daddy gets home!"
~Jeff Foxworthy~
from his book, "Learning to talk more Gooder"

It sure would be nice if the whole world knew how to talk "more gooder" as comedian Jeff Foxworthy says. I know it beats talking badder!Today, while sitting in the bookstore, I watched a little guy with skinny tanned legs and a summer crew cut get torn down by his parents with the most hateful words I have ever heard said to a small child not even five years of age. The redneck in me wanted to deck the tar out of them but since I was in the New Age bookstore of a friend, I remained quiet and listened while sending them love. He was so cute, well behaved, bored half out of his mind and tired. Considering all of that, I thought he was quite well mannered and patient. Obviously, both parents cared deeply for their son and wanted to set a good example as I listened, probably to impress me as well, but their form of discipline was so brutal and non effective. They didn't know how powerful words are to our environment. How easy it is to change a situation with our breath and tone. Rather than state the obvious to our children such as, "you are a bad boy! when we get home, you are going to be real sorry. don't touch anything we told you, why don't you ever listen? you make mommy cry because you are so bad." I could feel my own body react and shut down, can you imagine how this boy felt?
We have the power to build or destroy with our mouth. It is much easier for our children to hear complimentary words such as, "I know this is boring and you are tired, we are almost finished." or, "you are such a patient young man, thankyou for not touching the books." I guarantee the results will be fabulous and you will be on your way to becoming a fine tuned magician.

"Happiness is a how, not a what; a talent, not an object."
~Hermann Hesse~

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Sunday Paper

"Life is a great bundle of little things."
Oliver Wendell Holmes~
Taking life for granted is a tragic blindness. We can be so consumed in our own world, we fail to see the greatness in others. Do you appreciate dedicated work that leaves invisible finger prints on your life? The weekly trash collectors, mail carriers, garden artisans, to name a few. Every Sunday like a sacred ritual, two scoops of coffee to eight cups water, comfy chair, big fat newspaper! It's always there, never fails and I enjoy the moment for one hour, sometimes two. Today, there was a typed letter from James Mason. Who? Never heard of the guy. Oh, he's the "News Guy" and responsible for getting my paper delivered, says the letter.

James is an independent contractor who works seven days a week for me and my neighbors. He is paid eleven cents a paper and whenever someone complains to the "big guys", he is charged five dollars which turns his week into a very bad one. Not a good profit for what he says is usually a stolen paper or even worse, a wet paper due to a reader's sprinkler system. They even have a wet paper complaint policy which means more money out of James' pocket.

My second cup of coffee comforts my lack of awareness. Paragraph four talks about the lines of cars who wait for newspapers. James is there by 1:00 a.m. and rolls the papers at the deteriorating mall close by. That explains why the paper is in my yard by 3:00 a.m. By cup three, I want to phone James and thank him! Next month, when the bill needs to be paid, there will be a tip included.

Instead of washing away finger prints, I think I'll pay closer attention to the lines, appreciating the hand made things of life.