Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Riddle of May 19 and Matthew 5:19

     Last year on a walk in early evening hours, I stumbled upon the numbers 5:19. They started appearing in other places after that day in random locations. I saw them on cars, mailboxes, odd pieces of paper and restaurant menus. What was the riddle? The Bible is full of riddles and numbers like this so I checked and it was Matthew's. "Therefore whoever relaxes one of the least of these commandments and teaches others to do the same will be called least in the kingdom of heaven, but whoever does them and teaches them will be called great in the kingdom of heaven." ~Matthew 5:19 (English Standard Version 2001)

    No rules had been broken, our bills were paid and 5:19 was turning into an untouchable mystery. Until today. You know the feeling when life is on your side and a good match comes your way that sees and shares the same kinds of ideas? That was today at the vegan coffee shop sharing green tea and pumpkin cake with Stephanie, two forks and one heck of a brainstorming session. Our business meeting started at one in the afternoon and time flew but dinner was around the corner and how did it turn into 5:00?

    That's when the older lanky white haired hippy man sat next to me with a grin and I told him he looked extremely familiar. Did I go to Missouri University in 1967 during his crazy years? No, I would have been ten years old. As we were heading out the door, he said, "I watched the Beatles sing live on the Ed Sullivan show. Hey, be sure you check out my truck parked in the front!"

    "Will I know it when I see it?" I asked. "Oh yea!" he answered. It was pink in the front, blue in the back with loads of hand painted stars and stickers everywhere talking about karma and such. A one of a kind masterpiece. Getting into the car the time said 5:19. What, are you trying to tell me? Leaving the too tiny for a car parking lot I smiled at the hippy man's truck and knew in my spirit that I too could live out loud because pleasing the wrong crowd wasn't an option anymore. That's when the riddle solved itself! My inner voice said, "5:19 is a date Sandra! The day you change a piece of your story." Oh my god, today is May 19th and I've just partnered with my friend to teach intuition, love meditations and palmistry!

    Some people show fears when it comes to palmistry so I asked for a sign to help me through that distorted belief because after all, it's based on science. Turning on the radio made for a fun ride home. The Beatles were singing, "I wanna hold your hand, yea, I wanna hold your hand." ~ :)

   Moral of this story, authenticity creates largeness in our lives, trust in Divine timing and always know there is a morsel of knowledge that will require our teaching to someone that's hungry for Truth.