Sunday, March 16, 2008

Animal Thoughts

Can you imagine sitting down for dinner, no airconditioning, fresh tomatoes from the garden and Dad is about to say grace when suddenly, the family cat says, "Chaaarrrles"? I don't know what was funnier, the look on everyone's face or my dad saying to my brother, "Charles! Tell that cat not to bother us at dinner!" Ah, animals. They make us laugh and help us heal through emotional traumas. Some animals can predict death like Oscar the cat from Rhode Island. He lives in a nursing home and lies next to the patient's door before their death within four hours.
Denise Zak is a pet intuitive who is able to communicate with animals and they in turn tell her their problems. Another great animal guru to check out is Augustus Brown who wrote "Why Pandas Do Handstands". His facts are very entertaining. Did you know that most female birds find messy males unattractive? If he's built a shoddy nest he has to rebuild it to win her affections. Also, small parasitic wasps can be trained to sniff out drugs and explosives. These wasps learn the task in half an hour! Animals are such a gift to us.

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