Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Eustolia Diaz Loya

Sometimes the only way to understand the middle of a story is to be thrown into the end unexpectedly, where we then start to remember the beginning. There is no room for words and silence becomes our cherished friend.

My grandmother was celebrated today in Juarez, Mexico after spending ninety three years on Earth. How ironic to interview today's guest on Conscious Living who lost a twin sister while she was on border patrol for the United States. In her book, "Twin Souls", Elizabeth Hill talks about the struggles her sister Cathy saw while protecting the border. I was most touched by the small Mexican man who wore his best dress shoes to walk the desert, wanting to make a good impression. I missed the beautiful mass that was held in my grandmother's honor because I too cannot cross the border. Passports are now required as of January 2008.

Elizabeth's book is about her spiritual journey that followed her sister's death. Although very painful, death is our loudest wake up call. It reminds us of our past and refreshes our future.

Eustolia Diaz Loya, loved life to the fullest. Eight children and way too many grandkids. I hear your laughter and remember your words, "pretty baby, mas bonita de todos" to me.

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  1. What wonderful memories you have of your grandmother, and I hope you will write more about her and your aunts in your blog. You will bring her to life for us. Thanks for the photo of her, too.