Saturday, April 5, 2008

Just a thought on Love

Do you believe in true love, or is it just a big crap shoot like my friend Kitty thinks? My mother always said, "love is a state of mind." I argued with my sociology teacher in highschool that there was only one person for us after he stated the fact that we had many potential partners. Normally I don't think about it much but it hit me today while I was washing my hair. Yee gads, there must have been about eight shampoo bottles on the ledge! I knew my daughter Hannah was at fault. She had just opened the new one before even finishing the old one that I had spent twenty bucks on! "Just like she treats boyfriends," I thought. Always changing to a new one before she even gets a chance to know the old one. I have to admit, the newer and cheaper shampoo was really nice. My hair felt improved, I'll never buy the old one.
Could the way we treat things predict our romantic future? I'm a treasure hunter and have been known to dumpster dive. If it's broken, I'll fix it, paint it and resell it for a price. My art room is packed with buttons, beads, paint, glass and fabric. I also collect people. Their good just shines and it's hard for me to see their bad side. My girl friends from grade school and I still eat out together. I've been told so many times to get rid of certain friends who are harmful to me but it is a slow process.

On the other hand, my husband of thirty one years must park in the same spot every time we get groceries. He likes the same restaraunt, usually wears the same color and prefers golf, but only on Saturday! Is this why he tells me I'm his one true love? Yikes, I thought it was because of my eyes or maybe my smile!

In this mystical moment I'm thinking I'd like to become a matchmaker. Be wary of the way your intended treats their things!

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