Thursday, April 24, 2008

Taking Chances

Well I don't know if I would call her the worst mom in America. But Lenore Skenazy, the New York columnist who let her fourth grade son ride the subway alone would get a C- if she was in my class. What's the rush? He will be a grown man someday and have more than enough people skills to ride the subway, not to mention the strength to fend off an attacker. From the moment our children are born, we are given so much wrong advice. I was told, "oh what a shame, you can't love your baby as much as I will because he's a boy." At a soccer pizza party, I was told, "once they turn 18, they're no longer our problem." Moms, our children are intelligent. They can ride bikes to the lake, let themselves into an empty house and even take the subway. I just don't understand the reasoning of giving them more freedom than they can handle or taking a chance with their safety if it isn't necessary.

I remember well wishing grandparents worrying because one of my children sucked their finger. Oh, the worry, how would they cope in society? Have you ever in your life been in a board meeting and one of the adults was sucking their finger? It just doesn't happen. They all get to the finish line eventually, it is our responsibility to see them grow up in their time, with love and supervision.

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