Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Marked Man

"My what big eyes you have grandmother!"

"They're better to see you with my dear," said the big bad wolf.

Some people try to hide their true identity but we leave our imprints wherever we go. The way we cross our t's and dot our i's tell many things about our personality. Much can be said about the way a person signs their name even if they are telling the truth about what they are writing. Large top loops on letters d, b and f show an ability to sing or the champion of the under water hold your breath competition. I've always been fascinated by these small marks on paper that tell on us. The same is true with the lines on our palms. The left hand will reveal what you came into this life to accomplish and the right hand shows what actually happened. It's funny how many people will flock to me when they notice my magnifying glass on someone's hand. A dark red dot on the life line warns of possible heart problems and a star under the ring finger predicts fame of some kind.

Another way we tell the world who we are is with our face. There is a nose for funny and there is a nose for money. Larger nostrils show a talkative person, thin lips indicate a reserved character and protruding chins say, "I'm stubborn!" I love this stuff. Will lies soon be a thing of the past? Why are we attracted to certain people and not others by the sight of their face? If you would like to know more about face reading, you can listen to the podcast with Julie Cox on Conscious Living at http://talkshoe.com or visit her at www.aboutfacereading.com

"Let me in!" said the big bad wolf.
"Not by the hair of your chinny chin chin!" screamed the three little pigs.

It's all imprinted, for those who have eyes to see.

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  1. Hi, This is great. In the past few years I've been marveling at the number of couples who look alike. They choose someone who looks more like themselves than even their siblings do. Them there are others who chose the opposite type of face. We read so much into faces. How much is real? Have you noticed whether people who get divorced or break up with someone often seem to choose a new partner in the same facial mold....I'll check out the link. Cathy Sherman