Friday, August 8, 2008

Guy Finley and Fearless Living

It's always such a rush when Guy Finley comes for a visit. There isn't enough time to ask him what I'd like to ask but he leaves me satisfied. I can tell Wendy gets a kick out of him as well. I would have written about him sooner but my head hurts and my mind needs to take in his words slowly instead of the usual mind explosion that occurs. I would call Guy a modern day guru who is changing the way we view our egos. He reminded us that when we get mad at someone, it's because we are expecting something from them in return. I learned a long time ago when it came to stopping an argument, I had to overlook being the winner. This is much easier with children than a mate and I think it's because we put such an emphasis on our mates to be perfect. They can soothe our egos or so we think and when it doesn't occur, we become inflamed with jealousy or anger. It was music to my ears when guy mentioned that we are heading in the right direction when we no longer have the need to claim "power" against others. We have a tape in our family that we've played throughout the years and parts of the words say, "I am my own being in the world, no head above, no head below."It's true that when we gain that inner self awareness, the need to say you have power will dissolve because it just is. Same thing with hair color. We very rarely go into a room of people and state, "I have brown hair!" Wouldn't that be so ridiculous because it's so obvious anyway.
Guy's words about us thinking that when we think, we're inside ourselves. Hum? Oh, I got it! I am guilty as charged. We aren't in the present at all when we think. I caught myself doing this by planning my next story, my next project and then becoming upset when someone I was talking to wasn't paying attention to me. My head hurts as I type this. I'm going to meditate, relax, be still and give my ego the night off.

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