Wednesday, August 20, 2008

How Big is Your Epiphany?

I stood at the top of the stairs and watched with loving eyes how fast Charlie could type. His new punk haircut was shaved underneath with a ponytail on top. "Stop!" he shouted. Again, I watched him with love because I knew his inside and wasn't intimidated by his costume. "Quit pointing that thing at me! Stop!" was his reply. "What thing?" I asked. "The laser beam." he said. I wasn't holding a laser beam, just me pointing my love towards him but he claims he saw a blue and white stream of light come out of me and point to him. I was jealous. He was such a skeptic of these things and yet he was shown the light. Why couldn't it have been me? Shortly after, he started to "wakeup" as new agers say. Was this an epiphany?
 I had the chance to chat with Eva Herr about her epiphany when I was helping a friend with an internet radio show.  Huge, that's what it was, like a bolt of lightning out of the sky. She's forever changed and is now a medical intuitive who can predict someone's illness within ten years of it occurring with 95% accuracy. Wow. ( Wendy talked about her epiphany that started in 1996 and has changed her life forever, resulting in a book "Talking to Nightlights". ( Wow again!

I just had to look this word up. Come to find out, I wasn't even spelling it correctly. The dictionary describes epiphany as a feeling. The sudden realization or comprehension of the essence or meaning of something. Well what do you know? I've been having mini epiphanies my whole life, the kind that go undetected by others but are huge to me. When Mrs. G put her arm over the homeless man who was obviously drunk and asked him how he was doing, changed my world. He started crying and told us about his recent stay in the hospital. Now I "see" people on the street. When Kathy corrected her daughter through kind words, it started a chain reaction for me and I stopped over reacting as much to my children. That was twenty years ago and she probably doesn't even know how she helped transform my family.

We'll all go through changes in our life that wake us up for the better. I've heard it said that when a woman wants a change in her life, she'll cut her hair. I won't get one as drastic as Charlie's haircut but I won't be jealous of other people's epiphanies either. Light is light, whether you're shooting it out or getting clunked over the head by it. The lesson is, what do you plan to do with it once it's hit you?

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