Friday, October 3, 2008

Fly Me To The Moon

On July 20, 1969, my dad made us kids stop everything to watch Neil Armstrong jump on the moon. It bored us a little I remember. "This is something you can tell your grandkids someday!" he shouted. Neil looked funny jumping high as if in slow motion with the United States flag waving proudly in the background. "One small step for man, one large step for mankind," were Neil's famous words.
Well Dad, I got to listen to Story Musgrave talk about his adventures as an astronaut scientist who helped design EVA equipment, including space suits and life support systems for the Space Shuttle program. He's never seen an alien, but he did help design the Hubble Space telescope. He has seen the planets, the stars and was the only astronaut who went on all of the flight missions.
Putting all of that aside, I can't get over Story's tremendous inner strength. His young life was something from hell, having lost his parents, brother, uncles and own son to suicide. He said he had to go to space to realize that nature was the true order of things. People who fish, plant flowers, or take hikes know this. We're not all rocket men but we can find a universe of balance with meditation. Five to twenty minutes a day in quiet contemplation outside will get the body in alignment for healing. It acts as a battery charger.

I called Dad to tell him and he was more interested in the 2008 presidential election. That's ok, paybacks. So I took my son Paul out for lunch with the windows rolled down. We turned on the music loud and John Lennon sang, "we all shine on! Like the stars and the moon and the sun."
Yep, that's what I'm going to tell my grandkids.

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