Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Marjorie De Muynck - In The Key of Earth

It's been said that music can calm the savage beast. I keep a quote on my wall that reads, "the musician is worthy of the highest praise, for he can move all men to grieve." It reminds me of the ice storm that left my family without power or heat for eight painful days. We played games and wondered what was worse, the cold or not hearing our music. It was Elton John's voice we heard on the ninth day and everybody cheered. Life was back to normal.

When Marjorie De Muynck's cd came in the mail I must have played it over and over for two weeks straight. Ooh, the sounds are comforting and have a way of making a person feel as though they're inside earth's womb. The strangest thing started to happen, my living room felt charged somehow and the air felt alive. Three weeks later, I hosted a family party of twenty. Usually we're very loud, talk over each other and scatter. To my amazement, there they all were, sitting together in the same room, taking turns listening. The conversation was deep and connected. Could music have this kind of power? According to Marjorie, the answer is Yes!

Last week on Conscious Living, (www.talkshoe.com) she spoke about healing our bodies through music and the use of tuning forks. When laughter is slowed, all the musical tones can be heard, which is probably why laughter can be good medicine. I liked her experiments with sound. Crickets took on the sound of people singing, bees sound like birds and even cactus makes music when recorded. This is proof to me that we all resonate from one source. We're all in the band and when our hearts can vibrate in love we become a symphony.

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  1. I went to this site. Very cool sounds! Thanks!