Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!

The first hill is 205 feet, second hill is 184 feet. Maximum speed of the Mamba, 75 miles per hour. Walking to get to the ride is all uphill and not for beginners. It scares me you know whatless and I'll probably ride it again this summer. Notice in the picture that young people open their eyes and even pose for the camera, while the older one closes her eyes and shrieks in terror. I used to open my eyes. Life is shorter for me so it takes on another meaning. I don't take it for granted anymore. With the new year upon us, I hope more people live their dreams, forgive their past and rewrite their stories. Failures can become personal friends that make us stronger.It's better to be able to say, "that didn't work" instead of always wondering what could have been. This year, I plan to write my movie! The walk to get there might be uphill and scary, but I'll do it afraid!
Happy New Year! Ride the Ride!


  1. You rode the ride! Who cares whether your eyes were shut. Sometimes you need to close your eyes to feel the sensations.

    I'm afraid I've become one of the spectators on some of life's thrill rides, but maybe I should give one of them a whirl. (Hope I don't hurl. Then I'll feel like a squirrel....) Happy New Year!

  2. Wear a ponytail! The second picture was much better but I didn't want to spend the extra nine bucks for a retake.