Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Bring in The Clowns! Matt Zo

The phone call that wakes a person up from sleep with bad news first thing in the morning sends a message to the brain that today's play will be a tragedy. The script was handed to me today and now I am a confused cast member. Someone I respect and love has terminal cancer, again. He's waved his white flag and thrown in the towel saying, "you can't win 'em all". Maybe the director in the sky could rewrite the story? Tell this leading man to eat greens, drink Kombucha, embrace love and release anger, but that would be selfish on my part. He must find his own way.
Scene one, act two and I find myself alone on the stage without an audience. Starring blankly into the darkness and trying to remember my next line, a guide whispers, "we will all face God alone. The journey is personal to ourselves, therefore, judge not."
I wasn't intending to be a part of the interview today on Conscious Living but Wendy had scheduled a very funny comedian named Matt Zo, the laughing guru. As coincidences arrive at the perfect time and synchronicity clears it's throat, something went wrong! Matt couldn't hear us speaking so he had to wing a thirty minute podcast...alone! We typed messages to help him along only to find he was perfectly capable of standing on the stage without the sound of laughter in the background. This would be death to a comedian, but not Matt. You can listen to his words of comic wisdom at or go to his website.
I love his disclaimer. "any purported wisdom, miracles, love or laughter that I might spread is purely by luck." Is it really luck? God bless the comedians that lighten our load for they are the ones who remind us that The show must go on!


  1. Mat Zo is the funniest holistic comedian posting on this blog!

    Signed, Mat Zo

  2. The comment above mine is a hard act to follow! God bless comedians. I read somewhere once that humor was one of the top assets that woman look for in a man, and I believe it. If someone can make me laugh, I'll follow him or her anywhere!