Monday, June 1, 2009

My Gift From God

The name Hannah means "gift from God". I was at a park with my four children when I heard the name in my head. It was the same day my husband heard the name while driving home from work. We then decided that would be the chosen name of our fifth child. The doctor thought we were nuts. He wanted me to abort because a test showed that my unborn baby had no brain activity. I remember shrugging my shoulders in his office saying, "oh well, she'll get it next month." What did I know? I was thirty, too busy for worries and sick in love. He reminded me that I already had four children as if a fifth child would be a disease. On July 15th, I gave birth to a very healthy Hannah. Today, she is talented in art, drama, writing, spiritual pursuits, beautiful and extremely intelligent. We spent the day today taking pictures, in fact, this is the one from today that I took with the new camera.
I'm thinking of her today because of the tragedy in Kansas that led a man to murder an abortion doctor. Maybe it is a gray subject as my husband says, and I don't have the answers, but I am happy to this day that I chose life for Hannah. So many women claim it is our right and I agree. It is our right to have proper birth control. It is our right to choose not to have children, but once conception takes place, our right shifts to responsibility. For any woman who is contemplating terminating an unplanned pregnancy, I hope my words comfort you. No matter your choice, you are loved and watched over by angels who protect.

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  1. Awesome story about Hannah's name!!! How cool is that?!