Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Nine Nine Nine! Do It Now!

Nine, nine nine. Some people say that's just six six six standing on it's head. Either way, it's magical and I won't see that number again in my lifetime. Driving to the gym tonight, I happened to glance at the clock right when it turned to 9:09 p.m., and I remembered what a first grader said to me. "It won't be here tomorrow!"
In numerology, the number nine represents completion and wisdom. People from all over the world today prayed and meditated on our "oneness". They even named this day the day of interconnectedness. Charlie went home sick because his body felt weird. Hannah was dizzy. My sleep was disturbed by memories of past wrongs. Twice I hit the pillow. Angie called and wanted to cancel her video shoot at my house. Excuses were made. The rain turned off the sun's light. "Would the deck be too dark for the camera?" Angie asked. "Well, you're the photographer" I answered. "It may cast shadows" she added. Our frustration was building and limitations were taking over. "What do you think Sandy?" "Do it!" we both said in unison.
Three small children came for the art class video and turned our world right side up again. We made eggshell mosaics and ironically it made sense to bring up the fact that people are all sorts of sizes. When we're glued together, it makes a pretty picture.
Once in a blue moon when numbers like nine nine nine at 9:09 p.m. come along, I'm going to remember that it's all about the present moment! Do your life now, don't wait. In the words of a very wise first grader, "it won't be here tomorrow!"


  1. I loved it Sandy! :) I'm really glad we did it too!

  2. I'm glad you're posting agin. I love your thoughts! They truly dance!

  3. Yay you are blogging! Yes it was a magical day if just because so many of us were thinking together about the connections. I was off balance several times and had really strange dreams the night before when I finally was able to sleep. It was like the energy was so amazing, our bodies were overwhelmed.
    The videos are magical and make me want to play too!