Friday, January 1, 2010

It's Over!

Mars Rx in Leo at the Solstice, Mercury Rx in Leo at the Solstice, Mercury Rx in Capricorn day after Christmas, Lunar Eclipse at nine Cancer on New Year's Eve, mid January solar eclipse in Capricorn, Mercury going direct and Saturn turning Rx in early Libra and Pluto playing a role in everything!

 "Oh Lords of Opposition, why do you always visit this time of year?"
  People are tough. We survive, we fight, we cry and get better. December 2009 had its share of challenges. It came and left with two full moons and if that wasn't enough, Mars and Mercury both went Retrograde right after each other, all in unison with holiday shopping, budget cuts and out of town company. Parump!
  ret - ro - grade  adj.
 (moving or tending backward, opposite to the usual order, inverted)
 For me, retrograde is the time when Mother Earth reminds us to go inside ourselves and pull out what no longer serves our highest good. She nudges with the help of planetary friends and what we consider chaos is God's perfect planned mistake. Wishing everyone a very glorious happy NEW YEAR!


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