Wednesday, March 3, 2010

"The Shift" by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

shift ~ to change the place, position or direction: to assume responsibility: dodge: change in judgement or attitude: transfer: to go through a change: verb and noun
                                                                      Webster's Dictionary

    I was a newlywed when I first saw Dr. Dyer on the Johnny Carson show talking about his erroneous zones, clueless to what he was saying so I tuned him out but thought he was funny and had a great laugh. Years later he was someone I spoke of  frequently to anyone who would listen. Small change from the first time, but still a change. Dr. Dyer had a series of self help tapes I just knew hard headed Charlie could use and they were manifested for me at a garage sale for a dollar. A dollar! Molding Charlie was a little harder than I expected. The day I quit trying was around the time he started sending me emails about the stuff I tried teaching him and I had to wonder what he was thinking all the years I was talking.

    My book "The Shift" by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer ( came in the mail last month. It's a thin book with 112 pages so I assumed it would be a fast read. I carried it in my purse and at first, read from whatever page I opened the book. Page 41: The truth is that we don't have to do a thing in order to validate ourselves as worthy and valuable. Had we done nothing except be godlike, we'd fulfill our own dharma. Ironically, we would most likely have created a larger and more impressive resume. I have nothing to prove, it said, so I took a day off from reading. I tossed and turned at night worrying about my review and as I read The Shift, it  helped explain the ego's need to control. Let go and let God it said. I have lived much of my life in this way when it came to raising children, being a wife and daughter, but this is my first writer's ego moment. Page 44 was a sigh of relief! "I'm not my work. I'm not my accomplishments. I live, breathe and work from my authentic self. I do not do writing, I am writing and writing is me."

   This is a book you will enjoy reading over and over, I will use its pages like flash cards for a more fulfilled life. Ambition that has meaning and purpose coming from a place of oneness sure feels better than making it to the finish line alone. Charlie might like reading this after he finds it in his Easter basket, but I have a feeling he's putting one in my basket as well!



  1. fun post...hey, I think I missed some of your posts??? So..tonight I got caught up. I loved the one about your dad. How in the world do you get these kinds of jobs? I usually end up having to sack groceries or something...LOL!

  2. I had mentioned it would be an interesting adventure and just happened to go online when Wayne Dyer announced they were looking for bloggers! so there it is, divine synchronicity.

  3. Love the way you sync this with your life! :)