Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Did You Vote?

 Asking me if I voted Republican or Democrat last night feels the same as when my mother would ask in front of everyone at the end of the day, "so, Dee Dee, did you have a BM today?" None of your business. It is your business that we all work together, no blame, no over spending and equality. There has been heartache with job loss in my family but so far so good. Not the end of the world, yet. Not even close! It feels good to give what I can give, live an authentic life and not worry all the time. Halloween is over, I ate the rest of the Heath candy bars and for the first time, I joined the other party but I'm keeping it a secret! My stomach hurts, but it's the sugar, really.

  "God supplies every man his need, but he does not supply the greed."  ~Gandhi~


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