Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Gossip and The Permanent Record

  "If you reveal your secrets to the wind, you should not blame the wind for revealing them to the trees."
                                                                                                 ~Kahil Gibran~

     Do you know where the teachers hide the permanent record book? Hopefully, things have changed, but when I was little, it was a big threat to keep us in line and I never saw them write in it when we were good. I was about to give up this myth until Aaron was starting his first grade year. The new teacher took me aside and said how happy she was to have my son. Aaron? Tell it how it is Pooky, don't mess with me Aaron? Yes, and then she opened a ledger with the names of all the children. Next to his name was a little red heart that his kindergarten teacher drew. I had the same experience year after year with him. That little red heart followed him through high school like a lucky charm! 
     I've been thinking about this "Force". The best way to notice it is through facebook. The same people talk about how hard their lives are only to keep experiencing hardships. The same people talk about fun things, only to tell us later about their new jobs or vacations. It's all energy and wants to please so it gives what it receives. There is hope but it is hard! I've been trying for two weeks and every day I write, "day one." For twenty one days in a row, you can't complain, talk bad about others even if it feels right. That means no gossip. If you mess up, apologize and then start over. Someone told me it will physically change your insides and you will automatically refrain from negative speaking.
    "We dance round in a ring and suppose, while the Secret sits in the middle and knows." ~Robert Frost
     There is a permanent record book called the Akashic Records. It contains the vibrational records of each individual soul and its journey. "Akasha" a Sanskrit word meaning "primary substance", that which all things are formed. The Record is known in every spiritual tradition. In Judeo-Christian tradition, it is "The Book of Life" and "The Book of God's Remembrance". There are ways to access the information for healing but it will be easier to read this book if we do an inner cleanse first.

                                           1. no fear
                                           2. no guilt
                                           3. no judgement

Linda Howe   Director of the Akashic Studies





  1. Amazing that you should publish this today. I wrote about my friend Kathy, who always had a heart next to her name. Thank you! The vibrations are interwoven.

  2. This is amazing...I've been working on a post about gossip too. And, on the energy of happiness vs unhappiness. This is just amazing to me. We all must be on the same vibes....