Monday, January 3, 2011

Goodbye Old Year

                   A.D. 1700 - 1900

     A presence strange at once and known
        Walked with me as my guide.
     The skirts of some forgotten life
         Trailed noiseless at my side.

     Was it a dim-remembered dream
         Or glimpse through eons old?
      The secret which the mountain kept.
         The river never told.
                                               J.G. Whittier
                                               (A Mystery)

    Good bye old year! You were an ok friend. Sadly, I think I took you for granted. Didn't notice how fast you would come and go. Pieces of you feel like a past life memory and other parts of you still cling like a broken record. Thanks for the learning and thanks for the fun but I am looking forward to the new one! 2011, wow!

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  1. How true that we take our time for granted! I'm hoping to squeeze a lot more out of 2011! Hope I see more of you, too!