Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wolf Moon 2011


                                                       "The world closing in
                                                            did you ever think
                                                     that we could be so close, like brothers.
                                                           The future's in the air
                                                          I can feel it everywhere
                                                      Blowing with the wind of change.
                                                                               ~Scorpions. Wind of Change

    The snow fell soft and fast today, covering every thing it touched. It's a Wolf moon according to Native American folklore and the first full moon of 2011. She hides tonight behind a blanket of lavender sky and I don't blame her, it's cold out! There are no wolves here howling for warmth, I hope my stray cats are comfortable under the golf green and that there will be enough fresh vegetables in the fridge to keep me home tomorrow. Nothing is making a sound outside, nothing at all. What a contrast to the chatter that went on in the world today.

  Can you feel the wind of change that is here? People are waxing and waning, losing jobs, moving, ending friendships. Our world has left the year of the Tiger and is now entering the year of the Rabbit. People are also waking up to themselves. Feeling the need to live a more authentic and passionate life. Little miracles sprouting out of discomfort. One of my soul sisters told me today that there are four unusual dates this year.

   1/1/11...1/11/11...11/1/11...and 11/11/11...take the last two digits of the year you were born, plus the
age you will be this year and it will equal 111. Pretty cool. Year of the Rabbit. The Universe is whispering that there are no accidents. We are meant to Be, uniquely us. Do the math, we are all ONE!

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