Thursday, March 10, 2011

Review/ The Angel Therapy Handbook by Doreen Virtue

     "We are each of us angels with only one wing, and we can only fly by embracing one another."
                                                                                ~Luciano de Crescenzo~

     The cabin with running water and a flush toilet was the greatest relief after having spent two days camping in a soggy wet tent with four small children. We were exhausted, my husband and I so everyone went right to bed after dinner and baths. The next thing I knew, he was shaking me out of a deep sleep and had carried the kids outside. "What was going on?" I asked. "A woman woke me up," he said. She kept saying over and over, "wake up now! Get the kids." That's when we realized one of them had turned one of the gas oven's knobs on high and blew out the pilot lights. We were slowly getting carbon monoxide poisoning. Who was the woman? An angel? It took until the next day for us to feel ourselves again and I wouldn't be writing this now if it wasn't for the voice that I believe saved my family's life.             

    Over the years, the angelic helpers have intervened many times. People started noticing and asking questions about how I could help them connect to angels. I have never found a book on the subject until now. "The Angel Therapy Handbook" by Doreen Virtue has been a saving grace! I received the book in the mail from Hay House publications for review and started reading immediately. Since I already believed in angels and have a general understanding of them, I skipped the first parts and jumped right into the end first! It tells how to market yourself as a spiritual speaker. There are tips on writing for magazines, using a microphone, engaging your audience including the hecklers! Addiction cord cutting and lifting the energy of psychic attack is a topic she refers to as well.

     The book sat on the kitchen table and soon, other people were thumbing through it. My daughter was surprised to read that she was actually quite normal, just a little "energy sensitive". Did you know the angels have different colors of halos and their names bring a certain quality of healing energy for you? For instance, Archangel Gabriel delivers clear and important messages, helping teachers, writers, actors and artists. He also assists with all aspects of parenting, including adoption, conception and birth. His halo color is copper. I'm starting to get all kinds of ideas now for how I'll use that new metallic copper paint I bought to bring in the helpful energy to my art room. Will keep you posted! Happy reading.


  1. hmmmm...sounds like an interesting book. If the copper works, then my entire garage work area will become Copper.

  2. I always enjoy reading your reading list. Literally, your list is very enlightening! Thanks for keeping us posted!

  3. Sounds like a fascinating book. My work area is light blue, I wonder what that is doing to me?