Saturday, June 9, 2012


Words from others can burn little holes in our hearts or lift our spirits to heights where the clouds are our that why the monks take a vow in silence, preferring to nod and smile?

  Life is a highway! I wanna ride it all night long! The words of others are starting to vibe to an emotion that can't be satisfied. Life reminds me of the crack in a wall that I plastered over only for it to reappear as an even bigger crack a year later with thicker sides thanks to the drywall! That crack is a gentle reminder to me that no matter how good I do my job, how well I think I raised my children, how much love I gave to friends, there is always and I do emphasize always, going to be a crack somewhere thanks to our differences in perception. With that in mind, I am blessed to know of a Hawaiian prayer called the Ho'oponopono which means to make it right. Simple, yet powerful are the words and they change our family's lineage to one of greater love. 
   For tonight, I will not focus on the words of a beautiful person whom I love that temporarily made me look at the crack in the wall on the East side of my house, because I know they were driving in the fast lane when they probably should have been on the shoulder! 


  1. OK, much better now!!! hahaha... Must remember to rest, then write. hahaha too funny.

  2. Thanks Lynn!! Probably why we decide to get married late at night! haha