Sunday, January 27, 2013

Joys of Finding Money

    Have you ever had a terrible day and then unexpectedly find a dollar bill on the ground? What is it about finding money that excites us, or is that just me? I found a dollar on the bike trail and that tickled me to death.  There was a time I really liked a wool coat at a high school garage sale, heck it was a steal but I had given my last five bucks to my son and the coat was $7.50. I tried it on anyway, put my hands in the pocket and pulled out what do you think? Yes, $7.50! Speaking of high school, the grouchy lunch secretary that used to yell at the kids (and some of the parents) accidentally dropped her twenty dollar bill at my daughter's feet as we passed each other on the sidewalk. Had she not yelled one too many times at people I liked, myself included, or if my daughter hadn't been having a bad day, I may have chased her down to return it. Karma, thank you! We spent it on coffee and bagels. I love earning money but I really love finding it!
   My favorite money find and I've had many was the one at the grocery store. Earlier in the day, my husband  had run into a young man who was panic stricken, in fact he was desperate. His truck was old and had finally  pooped out for good. He had to catch the bus home which was two hours away because he was expected to work in the morning and it was obvious this poor kid was afraid to lose his job. He needed fifteen dollars to make the trip but my husband only had a twenty dollar bill and told him it was ok, keep it. He thanked him profusely and said he would see to it that God repaid him in some way because he would ask Him to.
This is where the grocery store comes in, we were getting what we needed for the week, about to get in line to check out when I noticed a folded piece of paper. Not just any paper, green paper, money paper! Of course I looked around first, nobody nearby who may have dropped it. A rolled ten bucks and a five inside. Fifteen dollars, all mine. My husband asked, "what time is it?" I told him, "around five, why?" That was the perfect time that the young man had probably arrived safely to his destination and he wouldn't lose his job. "Well, here's the money, it's yours," I said. The look in my eye must have been like Christmas to a kid so he said I could keep it.
   What is the magic in money? It's only paper and it burns. The energy behind it says people care, they share, they give and the wheel spins over and over. As long as I keep finding lucky pennies, I will always be making wishes.

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  1. I once found a twenty-dollar bill on the campus of the University of Kansas. I was excited to find it, but worried that someone had lost it who really needed it. There was no way to find that person, though. There was no one nearby. I immediately spent the money on some pottery at a craft fair inside the student union, thinking that at least I could give it to a starving artist. I still enjoy that little bean pot.