Friday, January 4, 2013

Spring Seed Catalogs Have Arrived

    Door number one or door number two? Decisions decisions! The seed catalogs always come in the mail the first week of January to give a lady time to figure things out. Flagstone or mosaic walkway, three white birch trees with a water feature or a greenhouse addition to replace that eyesore of an unused golf green?
Well, I have three months to decide. Do it myself or hire it out? Door number one may complain a little but the work will be professional. Door number two will be quick, fun to look at, a bit awkward in small spaces so I may re-think the creeping thyme and tulips.

1 comment:

  1. Seed catalogs are dangerous! They're kind of like pornography in which the photos don't match up with real life. How many times have I fantasized over the pretty photos of gorgeous weed-free gardens, which appear magically without much effort. The reality tends to be different. (Chaos!)

    I've wasted a lot of money on plant that didn't survive or live up to my dreams, but it was fun dreaming.

    Hilarious photos!