Tuesday, April 2, 2013

April Fool's

    Aunt Monica is the middle child. She is the person who never forgets a birthday and always has the perfect card for every occasion. No one feels left out when Monica is around. I shared a bedroom with her until I moved out of my parents house when I got married because we are sisters. The kind of sisters that laugh together because we know worry is a waste of time. She is the master of April fool's pranks and we wait for her move each year, hoping not to be fooled, again!

    Some day maybe I'll write a book about her funny ideas. Today was such a happy day as the birds are
singing louder and it was my daughter's birthday but today was brighter because I've laughed over and over thinking about yesterday's prank. You see, Monica works at the courthouse. She has a beautiful office and walks through security each morning saying hello to everyone. Her boss is the judge, as my mom refers to him. He has a serious reputation and some say he's hard to work for but Monica does well with him.

    Imagine a courtroom. Plain, a little on the cold side and you better act like you're in church. Monica has locked the judge's computer and attached a note saying this is the new computer system that is voice activated. She's watching from across the room as he reads the note. Then he says to the computer, "turn on. turn on!" Nothing is happening. I can only imagine what the spectators are thinking. She comes nearer to the judge and mentions that she loves the new computer system and he says his isn't working so she tells him to talk louder. April Fool's!

    I love her witty humor and wonder what she has planned for next year.


  1. Oooh too funny!!! I didn't get fooled, nor fooled this year...missed the laughter. Must remember next year! Laughter...much needed!

  2. This is so funny. It's great that Monica has the confidence as well as the sense of humor to pull off this trick. Your family is so talented and so much fun! I wonder what Monica has planned for next year, too!

    My youngest sister is perfect in her way, too. (Isn't the oldest child (me) supposed to be the perfect one, ha, ha. Not in my family... You're pretty much perfect in yours, though, Sandy!) My sister doesn't have much of a sense of humor, but she seems to accomplish so much that I get exhausted thinking about it. I just visited her in Texas so I observed her in her natural habitat. On a Sunday afternoon, one of her few times of freedom, I asked her husband where she was. Her bedroom door was closed. He said, "Maybe she has taken off her Superwoman cape and is taking a nap." But no, she was listening to her daughter talk about her new job. No rest for the busy!

    1. LOL Cathy, as a first born too, I say we throw in the towel and give our sisters the honor of perfectionism! I've observed Monica through the years and have noticed her trick is that she never laughs until it's over. You and I run our circus in a different way!