Thursday, August 22, 2013

Summer Breeze

   Summer, where have you melted? My hands are sticky with your leftovers and the new breeze says you won't be staying much longer. The yellow school buses are on the streets now and the kids look different. Stay a while longer please, I promise not to stuff you in crowded days called work.


  1. You summed up the end of summer so brilliantly and creatively! Beautiful!

    1. Thank you Tom, summer's ending days can bring on the blues.

  2. Lovely thoughts, Sandy, so perfectly stated! My husband and I just returned from Manhattan, Kansas, (visiting our son and his wife) where the college students have returned to campus. It makes me nostalgic for those school bus days, shopping for school supplies and beginning the whirlwind of school activities, but it also makes me miss the lazy days of summer. Summer seems to end more quickly each year!