Saturday, November 16, 2013

The Funeral

We're a tangled bunch of actors on the same road
of twists and turns in a world of surprises and my heart
beats loudest before my turn to be center stage
for your funeral that's twenty years too soon...
...You've gone from sight and left with Gaia's last season
but new winter winds have arrived today and the show goes on
for me with veins that pump the blood
my heart beats loudest before my turn...
silent strangers in a crowd with roots and strength
 The cast in a production that remains live
without a script, a tangled bunch we are in a room
that holds a space for you with unified love,
making my task one of honor, praised by angels
who hold us together in one clumped mess
suspended in the Universe, a sphere of Love that pumps
and beats and carries on the promises of the dreamer
...I am so glad I wore pink for you today...

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