Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014! Happy New Year

     The wind blew the living room shutter open, revealing a purple sky over white lawns. Not a car in sight on this cold and snowy night, a contrast to last week's busyness of bumper to bumper Christmas shoppers and loud voices of visiting relatives and friends. The peace angels wanted the shutter open so we wouldn't miss the magnificence of this winter evening that's laced with a gentle grace. Outside air has lost its voice and I can relate with my laryngitis. I talked too much last week, we all did, trying to be heard in the short amount of time we had with our visiting loved ones. All the holiday decorations are boxed and back in the corner of the attic until next year.

     Happy New Year! So many people said that last night and I'm sure you were text messaged many times as I was with words of encouragement and how great the new year will be. My friends were talking about lighting a green money candle to welcome a prosperous year. In quiet meditation, these words came through,

  You are Light, therefore you are also a candle. Become the flame, burn brightly and enjoy your blessings.  If you prefer to light a candle, know that it is equal to you, there is no separation. Prove nothing, aim for kindness and you will know Grace. 

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  1. Wonderful words and wisdom are in your heart! Thank you for sharing beauty...always!