Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Winter's Night

the overweight stranger in a woman's body
has burned her hand on water too hot to drink
but it's company for her lonesome soul
on a winter night with blankets on the window
and sheets in the doorways

dead are her summer plants in overcrowded pots
on tables where cat hair is thick
and brittle vines hang like ribbons

her cry for help goes to voice mail
and i feel her silent screams alone in my fortress
dreaming of nothing and everything
double socked and wrapped in wool

hush my friend, don't cry
there is a kingdom in the ice
waiting for its crack, waiting for us
to be still, to be quiet without an answer

 the castle walls say it's cold for reason
forget the rhythm, go within, let her out!
the little girl who smiles at bugs and throws
nickles in the street man's can because she likes the sound

drawbridge lowered, silence comes
her breath now fully visible, it cloaks the room
yes, there is kingdom in the ice

i will return your call when sunrise comes
sleep, sweet dreams my friend. 

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