Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Lights, Camera, Action!

So I heard today that God isn't nature. Good thing I had already finished my lunch or I probably would have choked. "Oh Sandra, pleeeeese tell me you don't believe God is nature! He created nature, but he isn't nature!", said my loving 80 year old aunt. It's wierd how your face starts to morph into some sort of frozen sculpture with protruding eyes when your truth is being questioned. I learned how to press flowers in books from this aunt! I sang songs, made honeysuckle necklaces, ate watermelon and swore to never ever call anyone "retarded" because her daughter had down syndrome and she told us God was in every face.
The drive home was upsetting, I almost didn't go to my evening class tonight. Well guess what? I went and I thanked the beautiful sunset, I smiled at everyone I came into contact. I got the parking place under the light up front and spoke first to the grouchy teenager that usually sits at the desk with headphones on.
My class was wrapping up and I got a phone call from home, so I went out into the hall to talk. Directly in front of me was a very large artist's rendering of Jesus. Good looking, pretty eyes and he looked like he was giving the "what's up" peace sign to me. Last summer my daughter and I went on many photo shoots taking pictures of his face wherever we could find one, so I just asked in my head, "hey, we take pictures of you, why not take one of me?"
I went back to the class, and when three of us were walking out the door, a flash of light hit us in the face! No kidding!! No one was around and we all agreed it looked like a camera's flash.
Well, my drive home was awesome. God was in the street lights, in the trees, inside people's homes. I felt the energy pulsing throughout my body and an inner voice screaming, "speak your truth! Lights, camera, action!" Be well, be love.

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  1. God is in nature I think. That doesn't make any sense any other way. You must have seen buddy christ!