Monday, March 31, 2008

The Power of One

Today's word for me was "tornado". It just kept playing in my head today. Wierd because just yesterday, Joe and I were talking about tornadoes when we were making our magic wands. He was so fascinated by the leather handle and all I could think about is if I was making a difference in his life. For an afternoon, he was suspended in a world of make believe dragons. "How do you make the wand work Aunt Dee Dee?" he asked. I told him to focus all of his intention onto the tip like a huge tornado and point to the East! The drive home is always so sad for both of us. It got me to thinking about the video "Earth Hour". Have you seen it? One person says, "I'm just one, what can I do?" Then another person chimes in saying the same thing until there are hundreds saying the same thing and it becomes a loud thunderous roar. Makes you feel sort of stupid that you ever thought you didn't make a difference. We were supposed to turn out the lights last Saturday for one hour. It started as one person's idea and has now reached worldwide. We are so vastly huge beyond our wildest dreams. Just like a tornado, if we focus our intention for the good of all, woah, look out! We become a powerhouse. Oh, and as far as magic wands go, I'm going to paint the word "alchemy" on mine. Meaning: a power or process of transforming something common into something precious.


  1. Can you make me one too? I want mine to say something cool. Maybe "awesome wizard" or "the magic man". :)

  2. Charles, charles, charles. The power of the wand comes from your own hands, therefore, you must make it yourself!

  3. We ARE bigger than we think! Because we're one with the creator and therefore can do anything we put our minds to. I'm pretty sure you taught me that when I was little. have to go to hogwarts to learn how to use it if you really want one hahaha