Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Jerry Wennstrom

Twice I've had the chance to listen to Jerry Wennstrom, the artist who threw away his paintings when he was 29. Could you do that? Give up your identity/label and live for 15 years on faith. At first I thought he was nuts but after reading his book, "The Inspired Heart," I saw the wisdom in his choice. When I turned 30, I had just given birth to my fifth child. I made clay animals while breast feeding her with two pillows on my lap so that my hands were free. I drove in an ice storm with the kids to mail my creations and within the next month, one of my bunnies made $32,000 for a company in one day. We were thrilled!! My oldest son started having trouble with his reading, so I decided in an instant to throw away my identity as a clay artist and gave it all up to raise my children. As with Jerry, people thought I was crazy. We lived day to day on one income and yet I've never felt so fulfilled. I remember my neighbor saying, "you look so happy and you have nothing". What? I had everything I needed.

Check out his website, the art is fantastic!

I wish there were more Jerry's in the world.

From his book, "nonattachment is the pre-requisite for the sacredness and magic of any real offering to God or humans." Thanks Jerry!

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