Thursday, May 22, 2008

Bliss/ The Secret of Letting Go

Yesterday, I had the chance to chat with Guy Finley, author of "The Secret of Letting Go". It was obvious to me that he's considerate of others because he mentioned my name. I realize as the co-host of a thirty minute podcast, three can be a crowd. The big payoff is rather selfish on my part as I'm meeting and learning from some of the best. When he talked about our true creative nature being that of bliss, I noticed how comfortable he was without having anything to prove. Questions for me have never been, "how do I find bliss?" but rather, "how do I explain mybliss?" I read a poem once about how we have a bright light inside us but fail to let it glow. This does not make sense to me, it is the opposite I think. It is our nature to share our dreams, but unfortunately it is also human nature to distinguish the lights of others through cruel words of jealousy. So many of us are going through life now with fear based thoughts of not having enough. As the chief gardener of my home, I've swept two trash cans full of "whirlybirds" in the past two days and am still seeing them everywhere! Considering each little one represents a tree, I think we worry too much about our abundance. All that said and done, and I apologize for my soap box but I've spent the day with a five year old boy who's full of pure joy and unconditional love that he's rubbed off on me tonight, and left me feeling sappy.
Share your dreams, don't question yourself because it makes no sense to other people. In the words of the Who's in Horton Hears a Who, sing from your heart, "we are here! we are here!"

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