Friday, May 9, 2008

Passion Moves

My friend Cathy said there is an article in the Ladies Home Journal saying to be happy, do what you love with passion and say no to everything else that gets in the way. Last week on Conscious Living, we had the pleasure of interviewing Lindsay Aydelotte, the publisher of the new Kansas City magazine, "Her Life Magazine". Her business is only seven months old and is growing like wildfire. When Wendy asked her if she had a marketing plan or any suggestions for others, her answer was so honest, "find a need and do it with passion! People have been literally coming out of the wood work to help her and she's now booked solid for articles about dynamic women.
Our next scheduled guest was Oliver Christianson, better known as "Revilo" the cartoonist. He is so funny, I just laugh my head off every time I read his work. The time was ticking, no Revilo. Whew, I was relieved that he was Wendy's contact. Emails were double checked, we even noticed that he had been on the site that same day so Wendy tried to call him at Hallmark. Finally, we gave up and that's when the puzzle unfolded. His new book wouldn't be coming out in time for Mother's Day as we hoped, instead, it comes out May 27th. We gave him two options to re-schedule...May 14th or 28th. Driving home, I thought, "he's funny, he's doing exactly what he loves passionately, what I've heard, he's generous. The Universe has his best interest at heart, I bet he's booked for the 28th." Sure enough, Wendy emails me to say that Revilo is re-booked for May 28th. We tease that he was kidnapped by aliens. Stay tuned...

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  1. I need to take my own (actually the magazine's advice) and do what I love with a passion. Sometimes it's hard to figure out what I'm trying to achieve when I do something. If it's not going well, maybe I'm not doing it for the right reasons. Thanks for reminding me, Sandy!