Saturday, May 10, 2008

Ocean Mother

I've seen the ocean and even touched her water.
The lonely sounds she sings to sun
must echo far to reach the land.
I felt her then when babies cried,
she was my strength in lullabies.

I've heard the ocean and feared her storms.
Wind and rain and midnight moon
can anchor her in twisted fits of agony.
I heard her then when I prayed,
she was blind faith that held my tears
through unfair schoolyard games
and turbulent teenage years.

I've never understood the ocean
or ever knew her age.
Night and day refuse to speak
like childhood friends who ride the tide
and keep her secrets safe.
I see her now, she's inside
every woman's eyes and in my
mother's touch.
She is like the guiding light
that patiently loved my heart so much.

Happy Mother's Day!

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