Sunday, July 27, 2008

Baby Madness

If you add just the right music in the background, everyone's life can look like a storybook. Same thing with glammed up pictures that have been airbrushed. Put on designer clothing, whiten your teeth and put a brand new baby on your lap. Beautiful, we want that. But what if the mother is only sixteen? Some people still want that without thinking of the unseen reality. Babies are hard work. Babies require all of you and more. I know, I had five of them starting at the age of twenty with my last born when I turned thirty. When I was in high school, I knew of two girls who were pregnant and quit school. Nowadays, there seems to be a trend in teenage pregnancies and with the high profile of Jamie Lynn Spears, another new teenage mother, I wonder how many more girls will become pregnant to keep up with Hollywood?
Sometimes, things work out well and these children are adjusted and well taken care of by their young mothers. But what about those who are often left neglected and abused? It's hard work, did I say that already, not to mention expensive. I remember being in the checkout line behind a young woman with her girlfriend and new baby. She didn't have enough money to pay, so she put back the baby's diapers. In her cart was mascara, girlie underwear, sexy nighty, shampoo and lipstick. I am not making this up! I wanted to be sick wondering what she was going to do when the baby pooped.
A baby's conscience is as strong as their first five years of life. So, if frustration sets in and the baby is the target, that poisons all of our water, meaning society. I have known many alcoholics who complain of their childhood. While at a class for releasing emotional traumas, the speaker said if we're having problems at work, we were to tap on certain points on the face. He also mentioned that every problem goes back to the very beginning, the root of us, our parents. We will all have issues with our parents and vice versa, whether we had children later in life but it is much easier when frontal lobes on the brain have at least had time to develop.
For any teenage girl who is considering having a baby now because of how cool Jamie Lynn Spears looks on the magazine, say goodbye to your life and hello to headaches, not fitting in well and probably never having any money. Take a few years and think about it because even with the man of your dreams, it's still hard work.

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  1. Wow! That was powerful, and I know it's from the heart and the mind. Since I just saw you not long before you posted this, I'm really impressed with your speed as well as your skill in cutting to the chase. Cathy Sherman