Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Doggy Adventure

"Someday grandma, I'll be making dog houses for all the homeless dogs and put them all over the forest," said three year old Dylan. "That's wonderful, maybe we can work together,"I said. "But why do you have to wait? You're already big, you can do it now!" exclaimed Dylan. I looked at his little hands with dirt in the fingernails from playing in the yard. His blue eyes hold more knowledge than the strength of his tiny body. He's an animal lover and I have no doubt about his future plan.

The coincidences of my life seem to take curvy roads. Summer gets so full at my house with everyone else's plans. Today was no exception. Too many errands to run and I didn't know if I'd make it to Wendy's house in time for the interview with Stacey Hsu.
She's a young mother and artist who has created the cutest little sock dogs. (
With only twenty minutes left to find a place to park and call into the show, my daughter suggested Animal Haven, and there it was to our left! It's a shelter for dogs and cats with a no-kill policy and we've been going there for sometime now petting the dogs.

Listening to Stacey and realizing that she's an animal activist who donates money to the shelters through her sock dogs, I was able to feel her words. What are the odds to be at the right place at the right time? Wendy mentioned that these organizations are not government run and depend on kind donations. There is another shelter where I live that told my friend they have 400 cats.
After the interview, Hannah and I sat under a huge tree with our dog friend, Carlin. They were both tired from their 40 minute walk. Three little girls came to us asking if they could pet him. The older sister looked to be five years old and the other two girls were twins around the age of three. One of the twins had a patch over her eye and it made me think about the time when Hannah scratched her cornea at the same age and had to wear a patch as well. Suddenly, the little twin ran over to Jack who was in the kennel. She bent down to pet him and asked her mom if they could have him. "Oh no, he's blind," she said. Another coincidence. She was drawn to him I think because she had the ability in her soul to understand his pain. Animals are so much more than four legged creatures. If I had had a van and a bigger house, I probably would have taken them all home.

Hannah & Carlin


  1. Hi Sandy!

    Thanks for such a great interview yesterday--I'm so glad you happened to be at Animal Haven during our talk. It was perfect! I'm sure Carlin appreciated the time spent with you and Hannah. :)

    I'm bookmarking your blog and will check back!

  2. Your grandson sounds like an old soul. And smart, too! He knows you can do the things he wants done! What a beautiful story, and I was just telling a friend about how I love coincidences (Animal Haven/Sock puppet)because I think they mean something (well, sometimes they are just fun.) I've been thinking a lot about my old cat, Malcolm, who can't climb on the bed anymore. Whenever I folded laundry, he used to jump up and nestle among the clothes. Sometimes, I still set aside the dark clothes so he won't get hair on them, and then I remember that he can't jump up any more. I felt sad about that. We got Malcolm from Wayside Waifs. Cathy Sherman