Monday, July 21, 2008


Nobody is on my page. They aren't even in my book. I'm wondering if Mercury is retrograde again. I probably didn't spell that right. People aren't using their turn signal and everyone seems to be in a bad mood. Breathe, I tell myself, breathe. It's hot outside, machines are overworking and breaking down. Even the neighboring cats are feisty. I could have sworn the one I always leave water for said a few choice cuss words to me this morning. Something is in the air. It feels like a sticky thick mass of frustration that leaves a pit in your stomach. If you have ever seen a tornado's destruction like I have, you would know that Mother Nature has mood swings. I love the saying that goes, "ain't nobody happy when mama ain't happy." Is she sending off a vibe that she's angry and some of us can feel it or do I just need to lower my caffeine intake?
The people behind the book, The Secret, say we need to think of our happy place. Sorry, but when things are grouchy, that place doesn't exist. I called Mrs. G. and we both wondered how we could find that happy place. Music! That's it, music! But it has to be your own music. Cripes, I'm typing in bold by accident. It must be imp0rtant and now you know my computer skills. I'm going to shut down the outside, crank up my favorite songs and recharge.

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