Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Evenings lately are getting cooler. Two holes in the backyard still need to be dug for the posts that will hold the wisteria and the tomato plants are turning yellow at the tips. When fall is lurking I get excited. Projects around the yard get cranked up because we all know once cold arrives, everything will stop in the yard. The rake will lay where the last of hands left it. Nothing will be swept, mowed or watered. The promise of change is inevitable. This past month, people in my life married, three have died, some have moved away and others became parents. So many changes. Gardening has taught me the beauty of rebirth and an awareness that nothing really dies. It all gets transformed.

 I have decided to redirect and include more topics relating to the metaphysical. There was a time when talking about my sixth sense made certain people uncomfortable. I became mainstream and safe. But safe isn't always the best choice at least not for me. My stories are many and they wake me up from sleep now because they need to come out. I feel the timing is good and our world will benefit from the people who are brave enough to tell their story. We need to hear about subtle energies that effect health, how prayer is working to clean pollution and that it's ok to hear from dead relatives once in awhile. I'm excited! The change is coming and fall is right around the corner. Enjoy!


  1. You have a lot going on. Three people have died this past month. That's very sad. Also, you've had some happiness with weddings and new babies in your world. I haven't seen enough of you to realize all that is happening with you.....I'm looking forward to you talking about more of your experiences on your show.

    Some blogspot accounts allow you to sign in with your wordpress.com blog. But I guess, Big Mouth is a good name for me. Cathy Sherman

  2. Cathy, you're better known as "Big Mind" that gets transformed into "Big Words on Paper"!