Sunday, August 31, 2008


My hands are having trouble typing. They don't match my thoughts. It's hard to think when someone you love has expressed their fear with rage. I don't like the feeling because it's hard to shake especially when it has come from nowhere. The four white candles, incense and an hour in solitude didn't help. I heard a shaman say a person can go way far into evil that they eventually join the broken circle which is light again. Once light has dimmed, it seems easy to fall into a darkness. The negative vibration that has stuck to my skin brings me into myself leaving no room for others. It's crippling effect can be felt in my stomach which is where the solar plexus are. I should make a cup of that nasty detox tea to protect my liver which is the organ that will suffer from this attack but my mind says no. Mind, body, spirit aren't working together now. I am becoming like the Hermit in the tarot and have a need to be still. An apology would feel so good now.

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