Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Red Crow

When Wendy told me we would be speaking with a Shaman named Red Crow, I wanted to ask him if he knew my grandson, Happy Surprise. It was his native American heritage that intrigued me most. My great grandmother was a full blooded Cherokee Indian but I didn't learn about this until I was in my forties. When we prayed, we bowed to the East, faced the South, turned to the West and ended in the North. It was just my way and I found myself following the native American healing techniques by instinct, it was in my blood. Sometimes I questioned past lives and wondered how many times I had lit the fires for food while I sat in my own backyard. What a double surprise to find out Red Crow is also a past life regressionist!

On a first meeting with a Shaman, it's been said before you can be healed, the question will be, "when was the last time you danced?" So things of the heart that bring you joy would be a big first step in healing. In today's society of fast, fast, fast, it's no wonder so many people are sick and depending on medications as a quick fix. Red Crow talked about how our healing depends on our own thoughts. http://www.newawakening.biz

What about past lives? Some of my friends don't believe in them. I do, I have had many. The dream comes every spring. I can't find my groom and I'm angry. The wedding dress is wet but I blame it on the weather. There are red tree buds in the street. Why can't I find him? There is a newspaper and the headline is shocking but the only part I can read is, "March 18". You can listen to the podcast where Red Crow interrupts Wendy to tell her about my past life and how I had drowned with my new husband while on my honeymoon to New York. Yes, I'm afraid of water and yes, I love the East Coast. Go figure. http://www.talkshoe.com (Conscious Living)

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