Tuesday, November 4, 2008

2008 Election Day

The big purple candle got lit today along with three wicks of incense and placed outside in the wishing corner. This day seemed like it would never come. Contemplating hateful emails and jokes about the candidates made me think of Charlie Toplikar. He and I were running candidates for the mock election in fifth grade. Nothing stuck in my mind about the election process, only that there were more boys than girls which meant Charlie would be an easy win.

Oh, I digress. I voted today at 2:24 p.m. on a very windy day that should have blown out my candle. The temperature was 69 degrees and the Halloween pumpkin was still sitting in the lawn. We got teased for having so many Jorgensens voting this year, seven of us, with the last voter still needing a ride an hour away.

How do you write a little tid bit about something so historical? Mention the fact that I ate roasted potatoes and peas for lunch with sliced apples, or that I was in a beautiful hotel last month in a dream with ivory roses and crystal. I walked the narrow corridor to the main floor and there were people congratulating Barack Obama for winning the election. I like them both in many ways, but can only pick one. Picking sides and fighting doesn't suit my vibe. We all want what is best and I do believe McCain and Obama have only the best intentions in mind.

As far as Charlie Toplikar goes, I won! When I was in fifth grade, boys were still kind of wierd. They did interest me enough to wonder why they liked Karla so much. The girls were elated by my surprise win which meant one of the boys voted for me. I never found out who the secret voter was and the girls never found out it was actually two boys who had voted for me because I voted for Charlie. God bless America, land that I love.


  1. Hi, Is this the Toplikar who stole the signs! What was he like as a kid?

  2. No, the man who stole the signs is John, his cousin. It's on YouTube, nothing gets forgotten nowadays!