Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Getting High on Food

The next time you hear someone say, "man, her poop don't stink!" you can assume the odorless person is on a raw food diet with no additives in her blood. You could also say she's alkaline and Ron Garner, author of "Conscious Health" would agree. His book will help you choose natural solutions for optimum health and lifelong vitality.
I was raised by a healthy mom. We ate breakfast everyday and sat together every evening eating another meal that was always made from scratch. Nothing from a box or a can! Garden vegetables nourished us through winter. When the weather was warm, we drove to the lake and everyone walked. Much was done with our feet in those days. The only over weight person we knew was on a t.v. show called, "HeeHaw". Nowadays, being over weight seems to be normal.

With the media, Oprah and her friend Dr. Oz, most of us know what not to eat. (white flour, sugar, caffeine, colas, processed foods). But! did you know, eating raw vegetables and fruits will raise your vibration to the point that things will come easily for you? Manifestation of dreams are in alignment for you. Looking back, there were four oranges in my fridge that looked like they were on their last days, so I ate them. Yes, all of them. It was followed later by an entire container of spinach and chopped carrots. Ah, what the heck, might as well eat those two bananas that are getting ripe. While eating, I'm thinking, "I should have bought that bird cage. I'd LOVE to have one in the garden. Hum? I'll put my chipped china bowls that I keep on a tray full of birdseed in the cage. Dylan would get a kick out of that."

Evening came and I drove to the local juice bar. Wheat grass shots were buy two get one free, so I drank three. (blah) One shot is equivalent to two pounds of vegetables if you can tolerate the horrific taste. My cells were alive, the car radio was loud. "I need a black purse to go with my new black boots," I thought on the drive home. Three houses down from mine were two bird cages in the neighbor's trash! (I will post pictures later) My friend Mary came over and shoved her black purse into my arms. Seems she didn't like that it had two handles instead of one so she was offering me her purse. Such a shame to let it go to waste she said.

I don't write to brag, just to tell the story so that you can live a more productive life. Your skin will glow, blood pressure gets lowered and you manifest easily. Who can ask for more?

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  1. Great post! Love, love, love the story! And, I so agree with you about the synchronicities. It's like David Wolfe says — we are changing our biological terrain and living in the Divine flow.