Sunday, November 23, 2008

Full Moon Sunday

Everything speaks at once on Sunday. Past, present and future compete for my attention. The big house with orange gates and red tiled floors is the weekly nightmare. It's a place from the past that holds my love. Where photographers came to capture the moments of family together, cousins running up and down the stairs and wonderful chaos. Who would have ever thought it could all be sucked up and shoved in my head? Every sound, every color and smell. With the snap of a finger, it was gone. Grandparents have died and now the house belongs to someone else. It's hard to share, but then all of a sudden, I hear the sound of the heavy wrought iron gate shutting in my ear and present has arrived. It wakes me up with possibility. My heart knows it's the place to be where joy can be found. Things seem perfect here, sadness has a hard time getting in. But there's a little shadow of past trying to talk to me. I jump to future in an instant. Future is a he. He whispers in pieces, "write it down, add a leaf, no, here, use clay, what about colored glass and hand made beads?" He always talks too fast which gets us both over the edge excited! Pregnant with the energy of "full moon Sunday" will bring me home to gratitude where I will reunite with present and remember the words I learned from past, "on the seventh day, God rested." I become still and am now.

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