Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Judson Laipply/The Evolution of Dance

You can find the funniest things on youtube! You can learn from youtube, you can even be on youtube! I was for three seconds once singing a terrible campfire song with my daughter who taped us without my knowledge. We looked like we had drank several beers. It was so embarrassing! I have my favorites and get them confused sometimes, well, like today. Wendy invited Judson Laipply to be a guest on Conscious Living. He's the guy who can dance, reeally dance and you'll laugh every time you watch him. (
The problem I find with a thirty minute podcast are the words in the beginning, "recorded live". Something about those two simple words can train wreck me, not to mention working with a pro such as Wendy Garrett with the voice of seasoned broadcaster! Imagine the horror of asking Judson how in the heck he managed to travel the world doing a gig, who financed that? With the grace of the motivational speaker that he is, he answered, "oh! you're talking about my friend Matt, yes, Wrigley's gum sponsored him." (
But there are no "do-overs" for me with this personal gig and no chicken door to exit. The only thing to do was to laugh and enjoy the rest of the show! Judson was such a dear and I found myself jealous that he hadn't been my prom date. Please check him out and that other guy too!

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